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If you are considering selling your propane company we invite you to talk to Alpine Propane.

At Alpine Propane we take the same approach to acquisitions as we take with our day to day business:

Alpine Propane can help answer the questions you have and get to a realistic value of your company.

When Alpine Propane acquires the company that you have spent years building, you can rest assured that we will continue your legacy. We are not in the business of acquiring companies and then trying to squeeze as many fees and price increases out of your customers as possible.

Our plan is to continue building the customer base you have built, not drive your customers away by raising prices and fees.

You will be proud of the way we treat your customers and protect your reputation and legacy going forward.

When you talk to your long time loyal customers, it will be easy for you to explain why you sold to a family owned business, and not a National Publicly Traded Propane Conglomerate, Headquartered a thousand miles away from the very customers you will be talking to day in and day out.

We are flexible and will structure your transaction in a way that gives you maximum after tax dollars.

For a confidential discussion please call or email:

Bill Muzyl
TJ Lancaster